Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Give It The Max Factor

Some time ago I decided to enter the circus that is student politics. To do this, I am running for election to be the Students' Union Welfare Officer. Everybody loves the shallow nature of politics, imagine it for young people. I'm not saying that student politicians don't do good work (I'd not be interested if I didn't think it was worthwhile) but the rigmarole of actually getting elected worries me. It's not real politics because you don't get handed briefcases of money or cut ribbons. But the job basically involves providing support and representation for students in issues of Welfare, and raise the awareness of mental health, physical health and safety issues. Housing, financial responsibility. To coordinate the Students' Union's response to these issues. I think it sounds fun. And interesting. And quite frankly, I think I'd be good at it.

I had a conversation today though that illuminated for me the level to which I am up against it. Nominations have not yet opened, yet I can name half a dozen candidates, and there are more than that. Which means the next step of my plan is going to be getting noticed. So input required now Maxfans, as I need a slogan. Giving Welfare the Max Factor. MaxWelFare, Welfare: Take it to the Max. I have had many suggestions. I am going to have to whore out every waking hour of my time talking to people, handing out leaflets and talking in lectures. Kissing of babies and giving the V for peace sign I presume is optional.

So if you're reading this and go to Sheffield University, you are now morally obliged to put your trust in me to be your Welfare Officer. If you do not, you are now morally obliged to befriend people who do go to University at Sheffield and tell them to. Student Officers do hard, unrewarded work (well, it is a salaried role, but when I say unrewarded I mean people assume their job is easy, which it really isn't). So we're going to do it. I have a dream. Ask not what your Union can do for you etc etc.

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  1. "Max. Not as thick as a Planck".
    You will not be charged for this slogan.
    The only person I know at Sheffield is on the staff. And when I say know, I mean I last saw him 40 years ago.
    I hope that this helps.