Friday, 11 December 2009

Going Into The Schools

Like about 10% of the population, supposedly, I'm LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transexual). Well, specifically G...perhaps a little bit B. I'm definitely not L. I don't think. That'd be unusual. And I'm going to indoctrinate your kids. OK, OK, Harvey Milk's "here to recuit you" probably had a bit more ironic sting, but this still works.

Last academic year I went and talked to surprisingly polite and open-minded kids in a school in Sheffield about being LGBT. I didn't just redirect a pride parade through Geography, we were invited. I've never considered being gay to be a big deal, and I think I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. The main reason being I didn't want to seem like a screaming queen with an agenda, and wanted not to make a fuss. Fortunately it all went pretty well and was low key.

And so off I am to do it again, albeit at a school located 6 miles more inconveniently further away. But I'm still rather looking forward to it. I remember last time there were some pretty far ranging questions, from: Do you read gay magazines? and What sort of music do you like?. And of couse the more metaphysically curious: What's it like to be gay? Which is my favourite question, as it is both perfectly spot on about the slight differentness about sexuality that makes an identity, and also blindingly dim; as it seems to imply we have another liver producing gay juice or something. What's it like being gay? Naturally darling I'm more fabulous, and get 20 miles more to the gallon.

At the moment my main worry is depositing this increasingly annoying cold onto innocent school children. Not confirming myths about our poor state of health would be a win:

Yeah, he was alright that gay guy, but I wonder if they've all got tuberculosis?

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