Monday, 28 December 2009

The End of a Decade

I had too look it up. On Wikipedia of all things. I had to look up what happened in the last ten years. I am not trying to sound facetious, I'm just very bad at associating memories or events I know have happened with actual time. I have my own little space-time continuum and it is broken. I have a series of memories about my life which I can only say happened sometime between the ages of 8-11, 13-15 etc.

But I was trying to think of definitive stuff. Stuff that wasn't just the things that are preordained to happen: Olympics, political summits, America electing someone thick (GUFFAW!)

FYI, I thought of the following: 9/11, 7/7, The sensation that was and continues to be Barack Obama, the...phenomenon that was and perhaps continues to be Gordon Brown, the Asian Tsunami of about 2005, Iraq, global warming being a thing.

That's quite depressing isn't it? Two terrorist attacks, a natural disaster or two, a war and a couple of politicians? That said, try it yourself for another decade that came without resorting to cliché. The 1990s: The rise of sushi, Geri Halliwell and New Labour. Done, in three bits. Then again that sort of cutting social commentary is perhaps better made retrospectively. So I shall share some of the nicer things I found on the Wikipedia for 2000s (decade) to brighten the end of our ten years. Or if not nicer, just things I had forgotten.

Windows ME and Vista and XP, CERN in Switzerland, Soulja Boy, the huge expansion in computer gaming, mad cow disease.

Which list is more depressing?

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