Monday, 15 February 2010

New Optimism and Kelly

Balls to my future, that'll wait. I am doing modules for my last semester of university that appear to be what can only be described as facking sweeeeet. Modules about Blaxsploitation films and 1970s literature run by bicycle-enthusiast Dutchmen. That one actually has film viewings and everything. Modules in which I am one of only two participants run by starry-eyed Californians about memories. See, doesn't this sound amazing? Doesn't it? If you're not filled with my boyish exuberance, treat those questions as rhetorical. There are also more exciting University exploits I am preparing for, which I'm not allowed to talk about until Friday afternoon. See, today's blog entry is a smorgasbord of emotions. A roller-coaster ride that only engages in loop-the-loops of pleasantries.

That said I do currently have a cold, making me feel rather naff and as such I'm not doing anything productive and am instead watching Disney films with my housemates. I did manage to venture out earlier, but only succeeding in getting a rather aggressive haircut from a woman; a woman to whom the phrase "A smile costs nothing" would have been valuable advice. But I don't tend to wisecrack to people have tattoos on their necks. I find tattoos on people's faces are usually an indicator of a person that could kick seven shades of shit out of me. Anyway let's steer this back towards Disney films and away from snobbery. You might want to stay tuned for a critical analysis of Aladdin 2. Or you may not. I'd perfectly understand that. It doesn't even have Robin Williams in.

Let's end this entry with something vaguely reminiscent of my first posting: the appraisal of popular music. I went to a gig t'other day. I don't go to gigs very often, but I went to see Kelly Clarkson. I won't beat around the bush, it was fuckin' ace. Pop music comes in for a lot of very harsh criticism from people who tend to confuse their opinions with facts and bestow great importance on their own tastes. The backup act were a bit mediocre, but most backup acts tend to be. They were quite practised though, and did their set with a bit of flair before promptly leaving on cue. I'm also quite a fan of the new Academy in Birmingham. Your feet still stick to the floor as before, but it's a much better venue than the old one. Anyhoo, that'll do for now.

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